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  Environmental Policy

Switching to a PulleyMaid™ clothes drying rack is arguably the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to reduce you carbon footprint whilst drying your laundry. And if every home in the UK used a clothes airer instead of their tumble dryer, the average UK family would reduce their carbon emissions by up to 440kg each year.

As much as our laundry drying racks offer a more sustainable way of living, as an ethically minded company we also recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce the impact that our operation has on the environment. We strive to be as carbon neutral as possible and to ensure that the manufacture, delivery and use of our clothes airers promotes the sustainability of the Earth’s resources.

  Keeping It Local

Our ethical policy starts at the source. In this, we aim to source as many of the materials we use from local suppliers, based here in the Midlands. Our wooden laths, cotton sash cord and cast iron components are all sourced locally, within 40 miles of our workshops and distribution facility. This reduces the amount of miles our drying racks travel before they reach us, whilst supporting the local economy at the same time.

We only use suppliers who have a clear environmental policy in place and all of the wood contained within our clothes airers is sustainably sourced from Scandinavian redwood pine. We ensure that this is FSC certified meaning that the well being of the forests is not compromised in the production of our airers, and that for every tree which is cut down to make our airer laths, at least two are planted in its place.

  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Our packaging is designed to conform to the three R’s, which are reduce, reuse and recycle! In this we aim to reduce the amount of packaging materials we use, whilst ensuring that our drying racks will remain protected during transit. That’s why we supply all our clothes airers in two parcels, reducing the amount of void space contained within each package. This also minimalisms the amount of space our clothes airers take up on the delivery van meaning that our drivers can carry more which reduces the amount of mileage covered with each delivery.

We reuse almost everything that comes into our warehouse. Ugly boxes save trees and ensure that our clothes airer packaging and fill has as little impact on the environment as possible. Anything we are unable to reuse is of course recycled and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable as we do not use harmful materials such as polystyrene unless we have these to hand. This means that once you receive your clothes airer, the box it came in can be recycled with ease, unless you can find another use for it.

  Our Delivery Service

Our delivery service is as green as it can be and we use a combination of Royal Mail, Parcel Force and TNT to delivery your order. Whereas Royal Mail are constantly at the for front of environmental concerns and remain one of the greenest options for delivery, TNT’s own environmental policy means that their service is as green as it can be.

What’s more if the delivery driver should turn up to find that no one is in to take delivery, we encourage that where possible the goods are left safe or with a neighbour. This reduces the need for a second delivery attempt and means that your drying rack will not have travelled further than is necessary to its final destination.

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