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 How To Install A Laundry Clothes Drying Rack
 Clothes airer instruction video – Pulleymaid™ 2014
 Step By Step Guide
Starting from the adjacent wall, tap across the ceiling to locate the joist for the double pulley. When a hollow sound is replaced with a more solid one mark this position with a pencil.
Measure out the required distance between the two pulleys and tap in towards the first fixing point. Locate and mark the position of the ceiling joist as above.
On the adjacent wall mark two fixing points for the cleat hook using the hook as a template.
Drill the pilot holes for the pulleys ensuring that these are wide and deep enough to take the full depth of the pulley shaft. Drill the holes for the cleat hook and insert the raw plugs.
Lubricate each pulley shaft with a light oil and gently screw each pulley into the ceiling. The double pulley should be the one closest to the adjacent wall and the single should be the one furthest away.
Attach the cleat hook to the adjacent wall using the screws and raw plugs provided.
Thread the rope through the pulleys as detailed above and tie the rack ends to the end of the ropes. Ensure that the rope is not rubbing against the pulley blocks and can run free on the wheels.
Raise each rack end so that it is flush with the ceiling and tie a knot in the loop of the rope at chest height. Lower the airer tying further knots at 40cm intervals until all the rope is tided away.
Finally insert the wooden laths into the rackends and put some laundry on to test.
Diagram showing how to thread and rope a clothes airer pulley system with the sash cord going the single pulley and double pulley.
The single and double pulley should be:

0.6 metres apart for a 0.9 metre clothes airer
0.9 metres apart for a 1.2 metre clothes airer
1.1 metres apart for a 1.5 metre clothes airer
1.5 metres apart for a 1.8 metre clothes airer

Details of how to thread and rope a clothes airer pulleys system with an extra double pulley.
  Add an extra double pulley and cord extension for greater positioning away from the wall.