Do the clothes airers come with everything I will need?

Our clothes airers comprise of four or six wooden laths suspended between two cast iron rackends and come with a full working pulley system as standard, which screws into the ceiling joists and allows the airer to be raised and lowered as needed.

For most installations this is all that will be required, however depending where you wish to position the airer and the height of your ceiling, you may wish to consider adding an extra double screw pulley and/or rope extension to your order.

All of our clothes airers come with a full set of instructions to guide you through the installation process and these are also available to view on our website by following the link on the left hand side of the page.

How wide are they and what clearance height do I need?

Our 4 lath clothes airers are 360mm wide and our 6 lath is 610mm wide. When fully hoisted to the ceiling we recommend allowing for a clearance height of 22.5cm and this will allow for the depth of the rack and pulley combined.

Will I need a sash cord extension, hanging hooks or extra pulley?

When placing your order you are given the option to add an extra double pulley, a 5m sash cord extension or a pack of our hanging hooks to the airer you are buying.

The extra double pulley allows you to position the clothes airer away from the wall as shown in the diagram above. The extra sash cord extension is useful if you have a particularly high ceiling and the hanging hooks are a nice addition as they allow you to hang pots and pans or other decorative items such as dried herbs from your airer.

Can I use the clothes airer on an uneven or sloping ceiling?

Our airers are perfect for a sloping ceiling as both ropes can be adjusted and set to different lengths ensuring that the rack remains level. In fact as long as you can install the pulleys above where the rackends will hang and can run a length of rope between them without obstruction, our clothes airers can be installed just about anywhere.

Are the wooden laths treated or left natural?

Our wooden laths are produce from sustainable natural redwood pine and are supplied untreated. They are finished to the highest possible standard and will not snag or stain your clothes.

Some customers may be tempted to treat the laths themselves and if you are planning to do this, please remember that some stains and varnishes may transfer when wet washing is placed on top. If you are planning to do this, we would advise you to consult a DIY specialist before doing so to ensure that the correct product is being applied.

Can I buy a clothes airer without the wooden laths?

We sell a range of spares and accessories which can been ordered together to make up a clothes airer kit without the wooden laths. This is often an attractive option for people wanting take their clothes airer abroad, however do please bear in mind that we can deliver to most parts of Europe for just £15.00 which would work out cheaper than ordering the components separately and having the laths made.