Placing Your Order With Pulleymaid

1. Select the colour of the cast iron

Our cast iron components are available in either a traditional black or a subtle white finish. Select the colour required to either match or contrast your kitchen, laundry or utility. Each component is finished in a tough enamel coating, guaranteed not to chip or rust during use.

2. Select the length of the wooden laths

Choose a length which is at least 30cm greater than the distance between the two ceiling fixing points. This allows the wooden laths to overhang the rack at either end to increase rigidness when in use. Unsure which length is for you? Remember our laths can be cut to size and tailored for the space provided. Watch our instillation guide here.

3. Add an extra double pulley

Adding an extra double pulley allows for greater positioning away from the wall. Placed directly above the cleat hook, it takes the sash cord from the first double pulley, along the ceiling and down the wall at a right angle. This is especially useful if the airer is to be positioned in the centre of the room or if the pulleys are not inline with the cleat hook.

4. Extend the length of the sash cord

Our airers are supplied with 10m of sash cord which will be sufficient for most installations. If the ceiling height is greater than 2 meters or if the airer is being position far away from the adjacent wall then adding the sash cord extension will ensure that you have ample length to do the job. Greater lengths and spare cords can be purchased from our accessories section.

5. Utilise the potential of your airer with a set of hanging hooks

Sold in packs of 8, our ball tipped S shaped hanging hooks allow you to make the most of your airer. Designed to slip over the wooden laths and accommodate washing hung on coat hangers, maximising your drying space for things like dresses, shirts and t-shirts, they also allow you to turn your airer into a storage rack, for things like pots, pans or even dried herbs.