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  The Origins Of A Brand

Pulley Maid was founded in 2006 in response to growing concerns about climate change and global warming. We set out with one simple mission, to bring the humble pulley operated clothes drying rack back into the public domain and in doing so, help reduce household carbon emissions on a national scale.

Since then these concerns over the environment have become part of the wider debate and the demand for environmental sustainability has grown considerably. In providing a reliable and practical alternative to the tumble dryer, we have supplied our Pulley Maid clothes airer to thousands across the UK and have developed a reputation based on a passion for quality and a competitive pricing structure.

Our clothes airers are some of the most competitively priced on the market and this does not mean that they are in anyway inferior. With a wholesale buying power which exceeds many of our competitors, and fewer overheads than those operating in the wider market place, we are both proud and able to bring you the best possible quality, at the best possible price.

  The Picturesque Market Town of Shrewsbury
  Today our workshops and offices are located on the banks of the river Severn in the heart of the picturesque market town of Shrewsbury, famous for its historic buildings, winding narrow streets and beautiful parks. We are a stones throw away from Iron Bridge, the heart land of the industrial revolution and many local business and buildings bear the hall mark of this period in our history.

We often joke that our local sandwich shop is where the worlds first skyscraper was made, but surprisingly this has some truth to it. Now occupied in part by Coleham Deli, Coleham Foundry was one of the pioneers of the industrial age and forged the cast iron girders used to build the Shrewsbury Flax Mill, now recognised as the worlds first iron framed building.

Immediately to our left is Coleham Pumping Station, a working museum containing an original steam powered pump engine, a Victorian engineering masterpiece which is still going today thanks to the help of a team of volunteers who keep it up and running. Open days are held intermittently and well worth a visit. Just pop us an email to let us know your coming and then feel free to use our car park whilst you attend.

Its not hard to understand why our heritage is important to us and why this is reflected in everything we do. All of our clothes airers, dryers and ceiling mounted drying racks are influenced by this rich historical landscape and are produced in the traditional way using age old skills and techniques, many of which were originally developed here in Shropshire.

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