Clothes Airer Laths

Produced in the UK from specially selected kiln dried Scandinavian redwood pine, our clothes airer laths have been specifically designed to fit most rack ends and measure 15mm by 33mm.

Each lath has a four round top and bottom and is hand sanded to provide a smooth finish. This ensures that they will not snag or stain your clothes during use.

SELECTING YOUR LATHS: Ceiling airer laths are designed to be a loose fit to allow the airer to sway in the ceiling space. When sourcing your laths, it is best to allow at least a 2mm gap around each edge so that the laths can adjust themselves inside the rack ends. This avoids undue pressure on the rack ends which may break if the laths are too tight.

We recommend selecting a length which is at least 30cm greater that the distance between the single and double pulleys so that the laths can protrude the rack ends at either end. Our airer laths can be cut to size if required to ensure the maximum length for the space provided.

Supplied untreated, our airer laths are ready to use or can be stained or varnished as required. We recommend using this product in a well-ventilated room with sufficient enough warmth to dry your laundry properly, and that garments are removed once dry to allow the laths underneath to breath.

TEN YEAR GUARANTEE: Our ceiling airer laths are specially selected from top grade materials and are supplied 100% defect free. They come with our ten year guarantee and we will replace any lath which has not arrived in a satisfactory condition, or is deemed to be faulty within ten years of receipt.

Please not that this does not cover cosmetic marks which may form on the laths during use.

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