The St Erth Clothes Airer

Inspired by a trip to a Cornish fishing village, the St Erth pulley operated clothes airer is a modern style laundry drying rack with a nautical twist. Constructed using six sustainably sourced beech laths, held together with two stainless-steel bars, its elegant yet sturdy design makes this clothes airer unique.

The airer comes with a full working pulley system so that it can be raised and lowered from the ceiling, connected to the rack with four rope anchor points, meaning that the rack will not tilt from side to side when washing is being loaded. The ropes are interwoven into the frame and joined together with a ‘boat rigging’ style toggle, providing an attractive finishing touch.

The St Erth is made in the UK from sustainably sourced, natural materials and pre-assembled prior to shipping.

Why A PulleyMaid Clothes Airer??

Easy to install in almost any ceiling space, a Pulley Maid laundry drying rack will provide an attractive and permanent solution to your laundry and a versatile and sustainable alternative to the tumble dryer, saving you money and helping reduce your household carbon footprint at the same time.

No more tripping over clumsy free standing airers or pegging washing out only to bring it in again when it starts to rain. Simply load the laundry rack, hoist it up to the ceiling and away it goes.

What’s more, adopting a more gentle method of airing your laundry will extend the life of your clothes and stop them from getting ‘cooked’ which may cause some fabrics to shrink or bobble.

What will I get with my order??

Six heavy duty beech slats, four rounded top and bottom and held together with two integrated top grade stainless-steel bars. The drying rack is supplied pre-assembled with all ropes and attachments set up and ready to use.

A full working pulley system which includes one double screw pulley, one single screw pulley, one cleat hook and 10 metres of strong cotton sash cord. Comes complete with a full set of easy to follow instructions and can be installed in most ceiling spaces.

Professionally made cast iron screw pulleys supplied as a single unit and finished to the highest standard. Designed not to break or unscrew in the ceiling space, they can be removed in one piece and relocated if required.

10 Year Guarantee

All goods purchased from us directly are subject to our ten year manufactures warranty and we guarantee that your product will remain defect free for up to ten years after the date of delivery.

This covers the installation and use of the product and we will replace any component in the unlikely event that it has not arrived in a satisfactory condition, or if it is deemed to be faulty within this time frame. For more information click here.

Technical Specifications
Rack End Width 51cm  
Rack End Height 5cm  
Load Capacity 16kg  
Clearance Height 30cm  
Boxed Weight 5kg  
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